Thursday, June 23, 2011

Things My Heart Wants To Do But Are Not Acceptable In Polite Society (but i'll do them anyway)

-lie on the floor in a beautiful shop, hand in hand with an awesome friend, and stay and watch people go past
-play hide and seek in a shopping centre. be caught by security.
-play hide and seek in a shopping centre. don't be caught by security.
-play house in ikea
-befriend small children
-have picnics in awkward public spaces. with full silverware, china teapots and all.
-spend days just lying in the ground.
-run through the rain
-take lots of photos
-dress however i want. whenever i want.
-not worry about what others see when the look at me
-throw food at other people
-get messy
-have a harry potter stye duel with strangers
-be spontaneous
-take a train somewhere unfamiliar and spend the day there
-skip instead of walking
-dance and sing and enjoy music publicly, even if i'm the only one who can hear it
-make my own things instead of buying them
-walk barefoot through the city
-get thoroughly lost and emerge with cake and a smile
-draw my own map of the city
-find a place that is mine and only mine somewhere public
-roll down hills
-use playgrounds
-cook on a trangia in public, because i can and they can't
-learn to do something new
-find a way of earning money that i love to do
-take photos of anything and everything
-live each day fully in the moment, and finish each day with a smile on my face


  1. That sounds like an awful lot of fun. Can I come play with you? I have visions of an apocalypse themed outing with picnics and ikea and hide-and-seek in Chadstone or somewhere similar!

  2. I think that may be the best idea I have ever heard. It also sounds like the makings of an amazing flashmob. Imagining 30 people running around all apocalyptic and having tea parties and nerf gun wars and hide and seek.