Saturday, January 22, 2011

not what you read but where you read it challenge (

Twist Your House
Place of Commerce- Completed- 20 minutes in my local shopping centre while eating lunch, and the rest at uni. A university is a place of commerce, I think :P 
Move- Completed- I read on the way home from the city in the train, despite its crowdedness 
Nature- 15 mins on the grass under a tree, 10 mins with my back resting on a prickly bush...
You Don't Call Home- Completed- I finished a book (The Dead and the Gone by Susan Pfeffer- thoroughly recommend this series, btw) in the waiting room of the hospital while waiting to get my wisdom teeth out.
Probably Shouldn't- 20 mins of reading on my ipad in a thoroughly uninteresting lecture.
In Pairs- Completed- I read the short story collection we're supposed to be reading for university this year on the plane on my recent holiday to Queensland, alongside my brother, who was reading the latest interest of his.

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  1. Thanks for joining! Hope you have fun this year reading in various fun and different places!